You Are Not Entitled to Wealth

You Are Not Entitled to Wealth

That’s right. I said it, you nor anyone else is this world is entitled to be wealthy.

It’s upsetting when someone acts entitled. We like to think of outselves as accountable, that we keep our side of the street clean. Yet, we remain a litigious society, with lawsuits viewed as a road to quick riches. People lose their jobs and stay on unemployment for years, some out of a sense of entitlement that certain jobs are beneath them. The idea that there are those so eager to blame someone else for every bad thing in their lives has become an embarrassment to most sane people. Let me tell you something. Be accountable for yourself! Get up, get out, start a no overhead business (yes they do exist and at 3 Days to Cash I show you how to start on on the spot). Only you can change your situation – no one else. You do this through intentional direct action.  So take it!

There’s another negative side of entitlement, you have a desire for the best things in life but you don’t feel you deserve them! I’ll say it again and again.  You DO deserve it! You do! The combination you need to aim for is pairing the fact that you ARE deserving with accountability to make it happen.

One way to get the accountability help you need. is to head over to your Fast Cash Coaching, if you are enrolled, and check out the Fast Cash Coaching Tips of the Day.  This week is all about keeping your momentum up and staying accountable.  You know you deserve it. Now be accountable and GO FOR IT!

Another way start, if you haven’t started yet,  is to get a strategy session with a member of my team. They will help you achieve your goals in life and help you obtain the accountability you need.  I’m offering this to you today for free.

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  • Ed Butowsky
    Posted at 01:57h, 09 June Reply

    Many people die without making their will so this is really, we are not all entitled to have wealth.

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