Don’t disqualify yourself – lifelong lessons

My dad, Jim, was born in Nebraska. He was a simple man. A farmer. A hard worker. Before leaving this life, my father taught me one of the main lessons I teach people now: The 3 D’s. Decisions, Determination and Disqualification. These 3 D’s were never more important to me than when he was on […]

Video: What Should a Woman Wear to a Business Casual Restaurant?

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What Should a Woman Wear to a Business Casual Restaurant? — powered by ehow

100 days left in 2014 – where do you stand?

Loral 100 days IG Post

This is not a misprint..there are only 100 nights left until 2014 is over & done. Now’s a great time to reflect. What have you accomplished so far, where have you succeeded, where have you failed, where do you need help…? But perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself is this: What am […]

Common delegating mistakes you’re making

Today, I’m known as the queen delegator. I’m known for saying, “YES!” and figuring out who knows how – essentially, I’ll agree to deals and projects, and find who on my team can get it done. It’s AWESOME But this was one of the biggest skills I had to develop as a young entrepreneur – […]

Why you should solicit guest bloggers

Help wanted

One of the easiest and quickest ways to pack your website with relevant information and build your SEO is by writing a blog. That doesn’t mean supplying regular articles for this blog is actually easy, though. In fact, many companies don’t have one because they can’t handle the effort it demands. Fortunately, there’s a simple […]

Why you should NEVER praise intelligence

Managerial/Parenting/Leadership Tip: DON’T praise intelligence. DO praise effort. Why? When you praise intelligence, you’re giving recognition to an innate characteristic. When you do this, you’re conditioning your employees/children/followers to believe their job well done was a result of their intelligence rather than their effort. Thus, they start to lean on their smarts, as opposed to […]

Qualities people value in their leaders

According to “The Leadership Challenge,” a wonderful book focused on “liberating the leader in everyone,” there are 4 qualities that stand above the rest when people are asked what they value in their leaders … take a look at the list below, and see if these core values are the same you value in yourself […]

How to hire the best team


A lot goes into building and running a successful company. There is startup capital, continued investment, sales, marketing, accounting … you can go crazy thinking about everything that’s involved in a good company. Of course, you also need to have a valuable product or service. However, NO company can succeed without the right people behind […]

How to ask for a raise – and actually get it

Note: If you truly want to live a happier life in the occupational phase of your life, you NEED to become an entrepreneur! If you don’t know how to get started, this is a good place to start. BUT … if you absolutely have to stay at your W-2 job, here is a good outline […]

Take risks or stay the same

Thought of the day for all of my fellow entrepreneurs out there… I’ve met with a TON of aspiring & existing entrepreneurs and others seeking financial freedom. People are always excited at the prospect of becoming their own boss, living a life they love, and “never working another day.” This all sounds great (& is […]

September 11: Remembering and honoring today

Take time today to honor & remember the almost 3,000 lives that were lost & countless others that were impacted by the September 11 attacks on America 13 years ago. I love what this country stands for, I love our unity & I love my fellow Americans. I’m proud to be an American.

Launching your own company 101

Is 2014 going to be the year you finally start your own company? It’s about time! If so, you probably already have a ton of ideas in terms of your product or service, business name and even how to market yourself. What you might lack, however, is the knowledge about the actual steps you need […]