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3 Days 2 Cash April 2016 Big Winners Spotlight: Laura Hendrickson & fiZ Anthony

This is a monthly spotlight section for the Big Winners of our most recent 3 Days 2 Cash workshop. 3 Days 2 Cash is the only event that guarantees all attendees will make new money within 3 days. To learn more about this program and see when it is coming near you, get in contact with our team at the bottom of this page.

Laura Hendrickson had the most sales at 3 Days 2 Cash San Diego in March 2016

How She Got To 3D2C & What She Sold

I learned about 3D2C through a friend who was in the community. I sold a promise to deliver a mini book on how I broke free from living a life of struggle... working too many hours for a small amount of money and being in severe debt to changing my mind, my habits, my time management and leveraging my efforts, talents and skills to build my income, build a team, leverage the money I have and become a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

About Laura, Her Business & Her 'Aha' Moment:

From Laura: Having played volleyball since I was 9 years old, I've been influenced by many great volleyball players and inspired to play until I'm at least 80 years old.

In 2002, I founded a non-profit organization called San Diego Beach Improvement Group (SD BIG). Our mission is to maintain not only the sports equipment at South Mission Beach including 14 beach volleyball courts and an outdoor basketball court, but also to raise funds for local beach amenities like bathrooms, stairs access, showers, parks, etc.

I'm 49 now and would like all this to come to be within the next 10 years. I still have 3 teenage daughters including twins at 13 so much of my time is dedicated to supporting them in this critical time of their lives.

Aha Moment: Feeling SO unexcited about my marketing and the fact that I have been sitting in front of my computer for many, many years and this is not bringing me joy. I always light up when I speak about volleyball and I was challenged to really see where I have passion and joy and come up with something that I can do that will feel better and more fulfilling.

Coolest Memory: Seeing Loral and her passion to help people. Hearing the stories and learning about new ways of looking at life and leveraging money.

Next Steps: Fulfill my pre-sales and continue to sell my book & marketing packages.

How To Connect With Me: https://www.facebook.com/laura.hendrickson.374

fiZ Anthony made the most money at 3 Days 2 Cash San Diego in March 2016

How He Got To 3D2C & What He Sold

I've been following Loral for quite some time now. I've read some of her books too.

I offered a few things at 3D2C as I already knew what my funnel was. I offered my CD, I sold my book "Ignite The Rock-Star Within", I sold a "fastermind with fiZ" session and a Platinum Signature Song.

About fiZ, His Business & His 'Aha' Moment:

From fiZ: I help people become Rock-Stars without them doing all the work. I will "ROCK YOUR BRAND"!

Ever since I was a boy, I saw myself as a Rock-Star helping millions of people around the World.

What I didn't know was that part of that vision was writing songs for entrepreneurs. You see, EVERYONE is a "Rock-Star" and everyone's life is a song.

Some people have more than one like Loral, she is the "Millionaire Maker", she also has "Live Out Loud", so if you were her, I would write a song with those titles and BAM! NOW your Rockin' like a real Rock-Star!

Even though I get tremendous joy writing songs, my greatest success has come from my performances for the Physically Challenged.

Coolest Memories: Asking God and the Angels to help me win the 3D2C contest and to also perform my song "This Is It" along with my video. When I went on stage to perform and then later to collect the Grand Prize for winning the contest, it was a great validation.

Next Steps: My next steps are to gather the rest of my team which include investors to help bring my movie to the world.

How To Connect With Me: www.fiZ4ever.com

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