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Welcome to the Live Out Loud April 2016 Community Newsletter!

Hey, wealth builder – glad you’re here!

As you read through this newsletter, you're going to see one big theme...

...It's officially tax season.

Well, it's always 'tax season' for big business owners 😉

Are you frazzled by tax stress?

If you're getting taxed big money each year or you haven't gotten your tax entity organized, I'm here to help you get set up for success.

I feel like a broken record telling sole proprietors and sole traders who have not gotten incorporated to get their right legal entity.

I've personally helped people get back almost $200,000 just by setting them up with the right tax entity. I go in-depth on that story here.

This entire newsletter is about setting your taxes up correctly and getting set up for next year.

There are so many ways you can put money away tax-free. This is just the tip of the conversation.

There’s tons to learn, so stay in the conversation, contact me when you're serious about getting help on these things and keep rockin' it.

To your wealth,

Loral Langemeier






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