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The Big Table April 2016 Spotlight: Nancy Juetten

This is a monthly spotlight section for a select member of our Live Out Loud Big Table community. The Big Table is a LIFE program – it’s about maximizing your current assets, adjusting your financials, establishing trusts, creating wills, expanding your estate, growing the empire you want, fixing your baselines, and being in a community of people who are striving to be millionaires or are already millionaires. It's a one-year program that caters to growing each area of your business. To see if The Big Table is a good fit for you, apply to schedule an assessment with our team at the bottom of this page.

Nancy Juetten, founder of 'Get Known to Get Paid'

About Nancy:

Nancy is the owner of 'Get Known to Get Paid,' a firm that helps business owners be seen, heard, celebrated, helped and championed. She is from Bellevue, Washington and has been in The Big Table community since 2015.

Why Nancy Was Chosen:

Nancy was selected for this month's spotlight from dozens of applicants because she exudes the Live Out Loud way in the following manner:

1) She has said 'YES!' and figured out how.
2) She is taking ownership to build a financially stable future for herself and her family.
3) She has focused on what she loves and draws it closer daily.
4) She has trusted that the universe will meet her needs.
5) She is focusing on what she does best & has built a team for the rest.

Nancy's Story:

A year ago, my business was at a turning point. I was deciding whether or not to become a top business coach for some of the business luminaries I admire or find a new gear to grow my own business coaching practice in new ways that would be financially and creatively rewarding.

After deep reflection, I decided to GO FOR IT and renew my commitment to serving aspiring speakers,coaches and experts who are serious about getting known and paid for the brilliant work they do in the world. Instead of focusing on selling entry level books and information products, I made the commitment to GO PREMIUM in my offerings and make that a focus of my marketing.

Today, I am serving premium clients who invest at a premium to learn to Get Known to Get Paid with my private mentoring.

My opt in subscriber list has reached 24,346 and is growing daily. Many of my opt in gifts for list building are converting at 68% or better from click to lead. My responsive and somewhat sizable email list continue to attract the attention of high level joint venture partners with whom I can nurture quality, high integrity relationships.

LeadPages and Constant Contact have showcased case studies about recent online launch successes achieved in my business on their influential blogs. Here are two links with all the juicy details:

1) https://blog.leadpages.net/case-study-nancy-juetten/
2) http://blogs.constantcontact.com/how-to-attract-more-clients/

In addition to my content deliver during big launches by teleclass or webinar, I am being invited to deliver SPOTLIGHT TALKS from the live stages of some of the luminaries I admire most.

So, what about the money?

>> My Get Known to Get Paid business coaching practice is on track to welcome $250,000 in annual revenue in 2016. It's just me, a virtual assistant, and a few outsourced service providers -- including a bookkeeper, a CPA, a graphic designer, an IT specialist, and an occasional webmaster.

>> My husband's business is on track to welcome $500,000 in annual revenue in 2016. His seven-member team is working together like a well-oiled machine.

So, for someone who was at a crossroads about the future direction of her business a year ago, things have shifted in many powerful, fruitful ways since then.

I have enthusiasm about my life and business & a level of financial abundance and confidence that make me and my family very proud.

Nancy Juetten, founder of 'Get Known to Get Paid'

Nancy's History With Live Out Loud:

I joined The Big Table in 2015 after attending a 3 Days to Cash Live Event in Vancouver, BC.

Days later, I engaged immediately with my private coach Jim Kaspari to make important refinements to my main-line business.

After reading many of Loral's books and information products, I was inspired to create two new cash machines that are now up, running, and delivering reliable, welcome cash and paving a path to even more financial freedom and quality of life for me and my family.

Gift From Nancy

Visit www.sizzlingspeakersheet.com to download Your Easy Kit to Create Your Sizzling Speaker Sheet so You Can Get Booked on the Right Stages Again and Again.

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