Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For The Cash

One of the absolute biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is starting to work before they are paid.

Maybe this is you.

Maybe you’ve started a project before being paid or even laying out your clear payment expectations.

Maybe you’re afraid that if you ask for money up front, you’ll lose the client.

I’ll be blunt with you: If you are NOT asking for payment up front before you start ANY type of work, you’re hurting yourself, you’re stunting your growth, and you’re stuck in an ‘employee’ mindset – you know, the one where you work for a few weeks AND THEN get paid.

I don’t understand why some people have a problem asking for the cash!

I mean, c’mon.

I’m sure you know someone (or you yourself) who has had trouble asking for fair compensation for your services.

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It’s easy to sell yourself and sell your services – but sometimes you have trouble ASKING FOR THE CASH.

And not just asking for the cash, but asking for it BEFORE you do the work.

But think about it: Have you ever bought a hamburger from McDonald’s and paid for it AFTER you ate it? Have you ever ordered a book from Amazon and paid for it AFTER you read it? Have you ever bought shoes from Under Armour and paid for them AFTER you wore them?


So, why is it OK for you to get paid for your services AFTER you perform them?

Why is it OK for your clients to wait until AFTER you fulfill your service to pay you?

This is NOT OK.

There is one simple trick to overcoming this mental barrier. Here it is:

Understand that this is a mutual commitment between you and your client.

What you need to understand and change in your mind is that both you and the client are making a commitment once you enter into a work agreement – you are committing your time, energy and expertise, and the client needs to commit to paying you.

Both sides need to commit or else the work can't happen.

Make a change…learn to ask for the cash up front and fulfill on the backend – just like every other successful business that exists out there.

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