Is Your Day In Revenue Mode Or Reaction Mode?

One of the questions I'm asked most often is how I start my day.

Those who've seen me speak or been around me for more than 2 minutes know I'm a fireball.

My mind runs 100 miles per hour, my mouth moves just as fast as my mind thinks, and I'm always thinking 15 steps ahead.

What can I say – it's my entrepreneurial spirit πŸ˜‰

The main reason why people ask me how I start my day isn't because they're interested in my morning routine.

Yes, I go to the gym, yes, I set myself spiritually...

But people want to know how I keep committed every single day to generating new cash flow in my company and creating profit.

Here's what I'll tell you: I set my day with the FULLEST intention. Nothing in my day is done by mistake. I set the things that MUST happen that day – the things that are non-negotiable.

The truth of the matter is, no one in my company focuses more on cash & profitability than I do.

No one is more zoned in on cash flow than me – I have to be. It's the main thing keeping my company alive and it allows me to feed more than 100 employees and their families. Plus, it keeps my family and I living the life we want to.

So, when people ask me how I set my day, I'm in REVENUE MODE.

I'm locked in on the revenue-generating activities my team and I need to do that day to generate leads, generate sales and get cash flow into the company.

The fulfillment portion of my business is set – I have a massive team that fulfills our programs and trains people on our wealth-building processes.

So my focus is on bringing in new life into our business.

Here's where you come in – many of you might be able to do well in your business for a short amount of time, but you're not able to sustain it.

You wake up, and instead of being in REVENUE mode, you're in REACTION mode.

Instead of intentionally setting your day to doing the revenue-generating activities you need to succeed, you fall into RESPONSE mode. You wake up and respond to text messages, emails and other requests for your time & energy.

You spend a lot of your focus on responding to things that ask for your attention, so you don't get into revenue – or true productivity – mode.

That's why you're not able to sustain your success.

That's why when some of you leave my 3 Days 2 Cash workshop after making thousands of dollars in a single weekend, you revert to your old self when you get home.

Yes, you were focused, intense and intentional during our 3 days together, because that's what the course was designed to teach. You were locked in to your revenue-generating activities.

But when you get back to your daily routine, you lose all of that.

You go back to bad behaviors and daily activities that don't serve you.

You revert back to response mode instead of revenue mode.

So, how do you save yourself from going into response mode every single morning? Set your day with intention.

Lock in on the things that absolutely must happen that day in order for you and your business to thrive.

Whether that's generating leads, finalizing a joint venture opportunity, closing sales calls, hiring new team members, launching your webinar – lock in on what MUST happen that day.

These things are non-negotiable.

The texts, emails and voice mails in your phone – leave them there. They can wait.

Heck, I have my executive assistant monitor my phone calls and emails. Why? Because she's not emotionally involved in them, so it makes her better equipped to respond quickly. She answers some, she forwards some to me, and it saves me precious time.

You need to get on this same level. Even if you don't have an assistant to help you wade through these messages, be your own biggest accountability measure.

Set your day purposefully. Ask yourself: "If the life of my business and wellbeing on my family depends on what I do today, what must happen?"

And then go do it.

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