Living A Life Of Choice

Note: This was taken from Loral's "Labor Day Money Tips" video posted to Facebook on September 2, 2016.

Hey, you.

Yeah, you.

Newsflash: You live a life of choice.

You choose where you work. You choose why you work. You choose who you work with. You choose what you do. You choose why you do it. You choose how you start your day. You choose your energy.

But a lot of you feel like you don’t have a choice when it comes to work.

You HAVE to do a certain job, you HAVE to put up with a crappy boss, you have to wake up at a certain hour, just to make ends meet.

Too many of you make it so difficult on yourselves to accept that you have this choice.

This blog was taken from Loral's Facebook live video "Labor Day money tips".

So here are 3 simple tips for you to embrace and enable this choice in your life:

First off, just be in motion.

If I’m literally just standing still, I can only see things that are coming my way – I don’t see anything other than my 360-degree view.

But if I take a few steps, I see tons more.

The same applies to life opportunities.

Too many of you aren’t in motion, you aren’t moving.

You hate what you do for work, you don't like what your day consists of and instead of moving to find new opportunities, you’re staying still.

Look, when I was at my corporate job at Chevron more than 20 years ago, I got paid very well to build fitness centers on off-shore oil rigs.

When I decided to quit that and sell Robert Kiyosaki’s games, so many people were telling me, “You’re leaving Chevron to go follow this Japanese man and sell his game?!”

I left a massive, massive business and tons of money on the table to go do that.

And I succeeded.

But you know what people still told me?

“Well, what if it hadn’t worked out and Rich Dad hadn’t become the Rich Dad brand and it didn’t become a bestseller?”

People will always find a way to hate on the new things you're purposefully doing in your life to create a better situation for yourself.

But regardless, if it wouldn't have worked out with Robert Kiyosaki, something else would’ve opened up because I was in motion towards what I want.

I was attracting things I wanted to attract.

Choose your labor & stay in motion. And know that if you’re not there right now, it’s not going to come to you – you have to walk toward it.

Second point is to choose your schedule.

In my YES! Energy book, I call this “designing your (revenue-producing) days.”

Too many people wake up and just go. They react and respond to life's stressors.

I need you to design your day in a way that totally sets you up for success.

Here’s how my day goes:

I start it off with prayer (some of you call it prayer, others call it meditation).

Then I drop off my kids at school. Then I’m off to the gym.

Then I’ll head into the Live Out Loud office at around 11am, maybe noon. A lot of times, I come here in my workout clothes – I come straight from the gym into the office.

We handle business until the evening and then I'm back home with my kids and my husband if we're in town.

My day is designed to fulfilled me and everything that happens in it is a proponent to my progression as a mom and business owner.

Design your day so that you get fulfilled in it.

I don't react, I plan & execute.

When I’m in sales mode, I’m in sales mode. When I’m in business mode, I’m in business mode. When I’m in mom mode, I’m in mom mode.

What I don’t want you doing is having what I call “reactive energy days,” which is when you wake up, do one thing, then the next minute do something totally off topic, then the next minute do something else totally off topic.

Your energy is off and you'll get to the end of the day with nothing accomplished.

There’s a complete energy about how you do your day.

Third is to choose your future.

This plays back into the first two tips above.

Choosing your future means choosing how every day will go, choosing what work you do and choosing what opportunities you take on.

Perfect example of choosing your future is right now – we are almost in the 4th quarter of the year.

Have you progressed on the goals you set at the beginning of the year? What real change has happened? What do you need to do to finish the year strong and kick off 2017 with huge momentum?

How you design this last quarter is so critical.

You have an opportunity to get incorporated, get your bank accounts right, handle the things that you need to financially … and get honest with yourself about what you need to do achieve your goals.

So, choose your labor, choose the energy of your day and choose your future.

The power of choice resides in you. Use it.

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