perfection is poverty

Perfection Is Poverty

"Perfection is poverty."

This is one of my favorite entrepreneur mantras...and one I see far too many entrepreneurs fall victim to.

Here's what it means: As entrepreneurs & business owners, a lot of times we have the 'perfect' product, idea, program or service in mind...

BUT we focus wayyyyyyyyyy to much on building it.

We want our program to be absolutely PERFECT before releasing it to the world.

We place a TON of our energy into the production...

NEWSFLASH: It will NEVER be perfect.

What's worse is that all of the time you're spending trying to make it perfect, you're actually driving yourself into a deeper hole.

Your product is becoming irrelevant, you are wasting precious time and money – you're driving yourself into poverty (literally and mentally) by holding back the public launch of your product or program.

The time you take to mull over the small details, build a 'perfect' product, and overanalyze every piece of it is time you're WASTING.

Instead of the 'build it til it's perfect nonsense,' here's the model I teach:

• Pre-sale your idea to gauge the interest, so you don't spend time building something no one wants
• Get out an MVP (minimum viable product) ASAP. Improve it along the way with feedback and critiques from your users
• Do continuous improvement. Always be improving your services and programs based off the input you receive

That's it.

Get it out to the world NOW and work toward perfection along the way.

Stop depriving the world of your service by mulling over the small details. Get out of your own way and get your gift out to the world ASAP.

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