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Staying In A Job Is Risky

I’m often asked what’s the fastest way to make more money.

I usually respond with 3 things:

1) Sell something.
2) Change your way of thinking from occupational to entrepreneurial.
3) Be of service. Focus on how you can serve & help others for cash.

I'm basically telling you to quit your W-2 job (if you haven't already) and go into business on your own.

99% of people think starting a business is risky.

When you think of starting your own business, does it freak you out a bit?

Do you quickly dismiss the idea of building your own business because you KNOW how much work it’s going to be… and that there’s a good chance you’ll fail? That other people with the “magic touch” can build profitable businesses but YOU can’t?

That’s nonsense!

And yet so many people forego reaching their potential as an entrepreneur – and earning more money in their lifetime – because of these false beliefs.

So they stay in their 9-to-5 job that isn’t fulfilling and will never give them the kind of money and FREEDOM they really want.

But...what if I told you that it’s SAFER to start a business than it is to stay in a job?

It’s TRUE… and I’ll prove it to you.

People don’t feel safe starting their own business because their income is not "guaranteed." They don’t think they’ll be able to make CONSISTENT reliable income.

But here's the thing: Having a W-2 employee job is not safe at all…

In fact I’ll take it a step further and say having a ‘job’ is highly unsafe... and more risky than if you were an entrepreneur!

How many of your friends, family members, colleagues, co-workers, classmates or acquaintances have been let go by a company?

How many talented and hard-working people have woken up to a day that ended with their boss telling them, “Thank you, but your services are no longer needed.”

At the complete opposite of becoming victim to someone else who’s in charge is the idea of YOU being in charge and proactively creating MULTIPLE income streams.

And if you don’t know how, that deficit is easily solved when you get a coach and shortcut your learning curve, plus avoid costly mistakes, so you get you out there making money month after month because you simply LEARNED how to PROPERLY set up your business.

Creating your own cash flow, starting your own business, building multiple streams of income so you don’t rely on just one that can be taken away at any time… making your own future!

That’s the safest bet! 

As an entrepreneur, who else can dictate your future when it lies solely in your hands? Who can fire you? Who can tell you you’re not good enough to work here anymore?

No one - Only YOU can control the entire playing field!

So, next time you’re thinking about taking the first or next step into entrepreneurship or asking yourself how to make more money, and your start getting afraid, just remember – it’s more dangerous trying to keep a W-2 job than it is to strap up your boots, get a coach, and actively learn the strategies to creating your own RELIABLE cash flow.

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