Teach Your Kids About Money During The Holidays

To all parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents out there during holiday season – this too shall pass...

The holidays can be tough…

Travel, family in town (that you may or may not like), cold weather… and kids.

More specifically, your kids wanting every gift they see on TV or hear about from their friends.

And the cherry on top is they expect “Santa” to provide the gifts…

“Umm, no honey – Santa didn’t buy this. Mommy bought it for you with hard-earned money that came straight from her bank account.” 😉

It’s no surprise there’s a big gap between kids and their financial literacy.

Most of the time when adults talk about money, kids are relegated to going into the other room.

But not in my household.

I bring my kids into as many cash conversations as possible.

If you’ve ever been to one of my many live events, you’ve more than likely seen my son, Logan, and/or daughter, Tristin, running around.

Since they were born, I’ve made it a point to teach them about cash as much as I can.

Teaching kids how to be financially literate is a big mission of mine. Teaching our kids about money is the only way we can ensure that our next generation will have prosperous economies and be fueled by entrepreneurship.

And that’s exactly what I teach to parents.

Talk to your kids about money early and often. Don’t make money a taboo subject in your household.

That’s why I’m taking a proud momma moment here to share with you little Tristin’s first appearance on LIVE TV!

Tristin and I went on the Sac & Co TV show in Sacramento to talk about kids’ financial literacy – a huge topic, especially now during the holidays with a lot of kids driving their parents wild with outlandish spending!

Check out our segment – truly proud of my little T!

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