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The Truth About "Working For Yourself"

Debunking an 'entrepreneur' myth I've been hearing a lot lately...

Too many people I meet or see online with their "MillionairesClub" Instagram handle want to be entrepreneurs so they can 'work for themselves.'

For real.

I see this way too often.

"Loral, I want to start my own business so I can work for myself. I'm tired of working for others. I wanna do me."

Let me tell you something: running a business – a legitimate business – is TOUGH.

Those who tell you any different are lying.

Anyone who says, "Yeah, but isn't it great to just work for yourself" has NEVER run their own business.

Just because you work for yourself, doesn't mean you work *for yourself.*

Let me explain.

When you have your own company, you're working for investors, the bank, your employees, your partners, your family, your employees' family, and every single customer who calls to compliment you or complain to you about this or that.

As a matter of fact, when you have your own company, you face 1,000 times more daily pressure than when you were an employee.

You have to provide for so much more than yourself.

CEOs and founders get fed last.

This whole "I'm working for myself" thing is ridiculous.

If you're "working for yourself," you're not an entrepreneur.

Anyone can buy the "" domain or create a "entrepreneurhustle" Snapchat handle and "work for themselves."

That's fine – but don't minimize the work.

Don't belittle the process and journey for those truly building something tangible & sustainable.

True entrepreneurs create more for themselves, their employees, their partners and everyone else who relies on their company to live.

It's a tall task...definitely not one you can accomplish by 'working for yourself'.

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