To Say NO...

Why I HAD To Say NO...

One of my signature mottos is, “Say YES! and figure out how."

I'm known around the world for it...

There've been countless times in my life where I said 'yes' to a situation I wasn't sure of, took on the challenge and came out 100 times better for it.

There is literally no situation where I don’t see a way to say 'yes,' and then get crazy resourceful enough to make it happen.

But one of the most important moments in my life was when I said “NO."

I HAD to say no.

Leaving my W-2 job when I was in my mid-20’s was scary.

Leaving a 6-figure comfortable gig at Chevron to start something on my own was frightening.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know the feeling.

Your family, friends, loved ones – everyone’s trying to persuade you to not do it.

Everyone is trying to justify why you’re crazy, why you’ll never make it, and why you’re out of your league.

Seriously, think about it ... when one of your friends posts on their Facebook page, "I GOT THE JOB!", they get tons of comments and support.

When someone posts, "I'm launching my own business!", crickets all the way around...

You have a lot more doubters than supporters when you’re on the cusp of becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur.

I was feeling all of this during my transition.

I felt defeated even before I had started.

Everyone in my world was telling me to get a clue and go back to my “safe” job.

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It became harder to ignore these doubters when times got tough and I questioned whether this was the right move for me.

I was doubting myself.

Everyone who meant something to me was telling me to give it up and go back to my job. …

But I said “no.”

I HAD to say no.

I said NO to going back to my comfort zone.

I said NO to familiarity.

I said NO to mediocrity.

I said NO to living my life for someone else.

I said NO to being less than I was destined to be.

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Only when I said no was I truly able to say yes to the life of opportunities, abundance and prosperity that was destined for me.

The wealth, the fame, the celebrity, the experiences, the joy – all of that only came after I said NO to leading a life that I knew was not meant for me.

How many great entrepreneurs are cut short or never come to fruition because they rely on their past success when things start to get shaky during their new journey?

How many of you reading this have stayed in your comfort zone because you've said 'yes' to the success you've already achieved and are afraid to venture into the new?

You might be cutting yourself off from being greater than you think you are...

So…don’t settle. Say NO to being less than who you truly are.

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