3 Days To Cash Workbook

3 Days To Cash Workbook

3 Days To Cash Workbook


WorkBook Intro

My Commitment to You

Whether you have owned a business before or never even thought of it as a possibility you are joining an elite group of motivated people who are working through my program to learn something new, supercharge their financial security, make some extra money, and eliminate the burden of debt.

If you are committed to reaching your goal to put new cash in your pocket in as little as 3 weeks I guarantee that this manual will help you do it. I’m talking about putting money in your pocket using the skills you already have. The same skills you have used to make money for other people while you have been trapped
with a limited income and a limited lifestyle.

The first thing I want you to remember is, you don’t have a fixed potential, no one ever said you could only make so much money, or have so much success – so why live on a fixed income? No one cares more about the cash that goes into your bank account than you. It’s time for you to take control of your cashflow and
your future.

I wrote this manual so you would finally have a step-by-step process for getting that extra cash you need when you need it and this workbook won’t leave you stuck in an endless cycle of planning – never getting out of the thinking stand and into the making money phase. I am giving you crystal clear steps so you know exactly where you need to go and the actions it takes to get there. And the best news is, it’s simpler than you think!

When most people grow frustrated in their jobs and start thinking of making a change, they often get stuck sitting behind a computer aimlessly searching for some way to make money. But, in the end, the key to success is ACTION. Just like every other area of your life! Your action creates results – and those results draw attention – and that attention draws people into your life to help you
maintain your success.

By taking the actions in this workbook, you will earn new money. Once you have experienced that feeling of success, I guarantee that you will not want to go back to the way things were before. The amount of confidence you will feel when you are in control of your financial future is unbeatable. When you are committed and taking the actions necessary to have what you really want, you will find the financial freedom you have always wanted! You owe it to yourself to follow this process to the finish line.

This workbook focuses on the five areas that can make you cash immediately.

Those areas are:

  1. Identifying the money making skills that you already have: Learning a new industry takes too much time and research. Fast cash requires you to use the skills you already have. If you are a teacher, be a tutor. If you are an accountant, assist with bookkeeping or tax planning.
  2. Set your plan in motion: Everyone has a product or service they can sell. To make the most of your fast cash strategy, you must have a clear plan so you know how to work with your customers when they find you.
  3. Marketing your skills: How many new leads must you generate each day to reach your financial
  4. Cash in on your skills: Cut to the chase and cash in when you deliver your product and service.
  5. Building a team: Adding the right teammates at the right time to help you grow your cash

In the sections ahead, you will identify and complete each of these areas. So now it’s time to get to work and start reaching your financial goals. The tools are here, the steps are easy to follow, and the payoff is great – so it’s time to get to work.

Are you ready? Go!

Loral Langemeier

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