Are you remarkable?


Question: Are you remarkable? I mean, really remarkable. If so, how do you know you’re remarkable? … Answer: You know you’re remarkable when other people are remarking about you. When people are exclaiming and talking about your value, your worth, and your merit – THAT’s how you know you’re remarkable.

Why are you underselling yourself?


A big problem aspiring & starting entrepreneurs have is underselling themselves. Too often, we give stuff away for free, just to get people interested. Or we price our services really lowly, just to get some cheap attention. But I’m tellin’ ya, once you start giving stuff away for free or severely underpricing yourself, you’re hurting […]

Don’t be afraid to ask for the cash


I don’t understand why some people have a problem making sales – more specifically, asking for the cash! I mean, c’mon. I’m sure you know someone who (or you yourself) has had trouble asking for fair compensation for your services. It’s easy to sell yourself and sell your services – but sometimes you have trouble […]

What ‘money’ conversation are you having?


You’re either in the occupational – or what I call the “industrial age” – conversation, which is about minimizing, restricting and living within your means. Or you’re in the entrepreneurial conversation, which is about expanding, creating and generating wealth. If you’re in the occupational conversation, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s how we were raised. […]

Earning honorary ‘citizenship’ in Australia

Loral Langemeier

Way Back Wednesday to when I earned ‘citizenship’ in Australia! Love my Aussies! #oyoyoy!

Ken Stone looks to become more of a CEO in his own business at Loral’s Big Table

“I’m here at the Big Table because I feel tremendous resonance with Loral. I also recognize the incredible opportunity to be able to implement these strategies to become more of a CEO in my business, and look at my business in a more formal and official way.”

Tami Peavy seeks business acceleration at Big Table wealth coaching program

“I came to Loral’s Big Table program to accelerate my business plan – and that is, to take my business from a 1-to-1 practice, to a 1-to-many practice…I wish I had been here 2 years ago. I feel like I would’ve accelerated even FASTER.”

Genifer Murray: 40% Sales Increase After Attending Loral’s Cash Machine

Genifer Murray’s dad brought her to the Cash Machine and since then she increased her sales 40%.  Now after attending Loral’s Big Table she is ready to take her business to the next level.

13-year-old Entrepreneur at Loral’s Big Table

13-year-old Miles Milosevich talks about his wire-wrapped jewelry business and his learning through Loral’s wealth coaching programs.

Nick Lawler’s 2nd Time At Loral 3 Days to Cash

Nick Lawler shares why he chose to come to a second 3 Days to Cash workshop, from Loral’s 3 Days to Cash Workshop in Orlando.

Yes! Energy by Loral Langemeier – Expert Minute

In the Expert Minute, our host reveals key details from Loral’s book Yes! Energy.  Her findings lead to new business ideas that work.

Clarke Pauley: Big Table Brings His Business Great Value

Clarke Pauley reveals that it is not easy to grow your business, but feels like he is getting great value by attending the Big Table.  He projects great results for this year.